I Will Protect You

Sweater - Pimkie / Boots - Dr. Martens / Ring - Topshop

Sorry in advance for my long absence but school has been taking over my life again the past weeks.
I just passed my A-Levels, woohoo! And this of course means that I will finally have enough time for blogging. Over and above being in such high spirits, the weather is incredibly nice and sunny here which is awesome as well.



I don't have much to say today except that these pictures are all perfect because they reflect my style and I really love the gloomy feeling they express.

Hope you have a lovely day, I'll stay at home all day listening to music and playing guitar :)


How Many More Times

Blouse* - Persunmall / Necklace - Primark / Cut-Out Boots - ASOS / Shorts - H&M / Watch - Casio / Rings - H&M, SIX, my grandma / Bracelet - H&M

Good evening!
As I promised, a new outfit post! I guess shorts aren't what you would expect for this cold weather but I added tights in order not to freeze to death.
The blouse is from Persunmall and I really love it because it can be worn in so many ways and I'm looking forward to a few outfits including this shirt.
Aaaand I'm finally an official owner of a pair of cut-out boots after having wanted a pair for ages! They're currently on sale: "ASOS- After All"


Instaweek V

1) Beanie
2) Flash Trash Ring I won in a giveaway
4) New Skirt
5) Graduation Dress
6) Owl drawing
7) Coffee Art
8) New Chunky Heel Boots
9) This is what happens when I try to take a decent picture
10) Vagabond Flatforms
I can't even say how happy I am! I've done all of the 3 written examinations for my Abitur and finally have the time to do something else than learning. In the next days, I'll definitely publish a few posts including outfit posts. I've really missed blogging!

On another note, I've reached 500 followers on bloglovin' yesterday! I'm unbelievable proud as I thought I wouldn't even reach 100. Thanks so much!!!



My 2nd Pair Of Docs!

I'm back with verrrry good news! I just ordered my second pair of Docs for christmas, the most amazing shoes I've ever seen. Originally, I couldn't decide on whether to buy a black or a floral pair but as I saw these, I immediately had to buy them as they are both black and floral! :D
I'm totally in love!


Winter Wishlist

1) Cross Print Sweater - Forever 21
2) Parka - H&M
3) Vagabond "Grace" - Urban Outfitters
4) Floral Docs - Zalando
5) Chunky Geo Necklace - Urban Outfitters
6) Chevron Sweater - Forever 21

I'm lusting after so many things at the moment but unfortunately I'm still a student and don't really have enough money to fulfill all my dreams. (but christmas is yet to come...)

Jacky xxx


No One's There

Dress - Taba  Rome / Denim Jacket - Vintage / Spike Necklace - H&M / Platform Sneakers - Vagabond / Ring - Topshop / Watch - Casio

I'm back with a new outfit post!
I bought this dress when I was in Rome this summer and I immediately fell in love, the collar and dotted pattern is just so lovely! I've been wearing my Vagabond creepers nearly every day since I bought them because they complete every outfit and are absolutely comfortable, I also plan on buying the Vagabond "Grace" boots.
School is taking over my life at the moment because I'll be taking my A-Levels in a few weeks. Lots of exams, reports and homework included... I really hope I'm able to find some time in between to write some posts :)




1) Floral Boots
2) Swallow Print Shirt
3) Bone Bracelet
4) Dip Dye Cardigan
5) Lace Up Boots
6) Ghost Print Sweater

I just wanted show you a few amazing things I found on Persunmall!
Make sure to check out their website as they have a wide range of gorgeous accesories and clothes!

Jacky xxx


Flash Trash Navajo Ring

I won this amazing Navajo ring from FLASHTRASH! It's hand carved and cast in sterling silver and I'm absolutely in love because the style is exactly what I would buy myself and is a great addition to my jewellery collection. You should definitely browse through their lovely website!


Houses Of The Holy

Sheer Studded Blouse - Clockhouse / Shorts - H&M / Platform Sneakers - Vagabond 

Arty Inspired Ring* - Ellise Vintage / Knuckle Ring - TOPSHOP / Gold Watch - Casio

Howdy! I'm back this weekend with another outfit post. I've always loved dark colours but these days I'm wearing all-black outfits nearly every day, as you can see above.
I combined it with my Vagabond Flatforms and golden rings, one of them was kindly sent to me by Ellise Vintage, a cute online shop with a lot of vintage inspired jewellery! You should definitely check it out!!