Because horses are pretty.

top - Topshop / shorts - Primark / shoes - Vans
 Yes, there are horses on my top. I love it because horses are pretty.
Here are a few close up shots of my jewellery, I didn't expect to find such nice things in Bijou Brigitte ;)
Merry Christmas xxx

feather ring - H&M / other ring - Bijou Brigitte

spike ear cuff - Bijou Brigitte


DIY: Jewellery Branch

A few days ago I decided to make my own jewellery stand, after I had searched one for ages (all the ones I saw were either too small for all my bracelets or ugly). I found this lovely branch in a forest while I went for a run and really had to take it with me, then I simply stuck it in an Arizona-bottle filled with sand.
That's it!
Here you can see the result :)


Regalrose preview - New Collection

To all those who have always loved this rather dark, gothic kind of jewellery Regalrose's
new collection 'Darkly Decedent' is just perfect. It is to be released this Thursday, October 18th and you can now have a look at some of the amazing pieces beforehand:

as you can see they combined influences from baroque, gothic, 90's grunge and 80's rock creating a dark romance inspired glamour.
I'm in love. What do you think?


New additions

Some pieces I added to my collection of jewellery, thanks to the mid-season sale at claire's. I love the pendants, especially the hamsa hand and the evil eye triangle :)
And my new, (in my opinion) perfect boots I bought a few weeks ago.
skull necklace + bracelets - Claire's (6€) / bird ring - SIX (3.95€)
isn't it cute? :D (ignore my somehow crinkly hand)

boots - Danny Shoes
I'm now enjoying my last few hours of autumn holidays, sitting on the sofa watching TV and knitting a scarf ;)
Have a nice weekend xx


Fall Wishlist

Sorry for not blogging very often in the last weeks but studying has taken over my whole day. Thank god we have holidays right now and I finally have the time to do something else ;)

As you can probably see, my wishlist is dominated by studs & spikes, the colours black & burgundy and cozy sweaters which I can't get enough of. It's really too bad that I can't afford everything...



Pull & Bear "Studs And Spikes"

I have to admit that I really fell in love with the whole studs and spikes trend. I've loved these kind of edgy details for years now so I guess it's perfect that many shops have studded clothing at the moment :)
As I saw Pull & Bear's current campaign "Studs And Spikes" I immediately knew how to describe it with one word: perfection.

See for yourself  <3

the most amazing sweater I've ever seen. I wanted to buy it but as I came back to their site it was already sold out :(
I'm still mourning after it...


England + Scotland purchases

As I promised in my previous post, here is what I bought in England when I was on vacation. There were many opportunities to find something as I visited quite a few big cities such as London (of course), Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester and some smaller ones. My new pieces:

golden knuckle ring - Topshop / flames ring - Topshop /  celtic triniry knot earrings - Scotland / hamsa  hand necklace - Accessorize

bordeaux shorts - Primark

Bordeaux Lace Top - Primark

Horse Top - Topshop
Lace Back Top (front) - Urban Outfitters
Lace Back Top (back) 

I didn't buy as much as I thought I would but I'm very happy with what I found (and I still have money left). In some shops I wasn't able to decide on anything because everything looked so amazing and I was like totally overwhelmed :D Weird problems, I know...



Black Dip Dye

Me and my hair in Stratford-Upon-Avon ;)

After I died a part of my hair black several months ago, I finally decided to do it again. It turned out to be brown rather than black but I like it anyway (although it's nearly gone now, the photos are from my trip to england 2 weeks ago)

I will post pictures of my vacation later since I didn't have the time to upload them until now. Of course I bought a lot of nice clothes and accessoires, which I will do a post on, too. :)

Have a nice weekend xxx


I need: Led Zeppelin Tee

Led Zeppelin is one of my favourite bands, their music is the best and the guitar solos are pure awesomeness- this is of course the reason why I want a band t-shirt of them (plus, it looks totally amazing!).
side note: I completely disapprove when someone is wearing a band-tee without even listening, or worse- knowing of the band and their music!

Urban Outfitters has this lovely one at the moment which I have had my eyes on for several weeks now:
Led Zeppelin T-Shirt - Urban Outfitters (42€)
isn't it perfect? :) I wish you a lovely afternoon, here is a selection of lookbook looks including Led Zeppelin <3

Nicola Boraston
Masha Sedgwick

Nicola Boraston

Kayleigh Brewer
You should definitely take a look at Kayleigh's looks! Her style is perfect as well as her outfits and she is very pretty (as you can see above) so go and fan her please <3


I want.

Here are my wishes which I've mentioned in the previous post. <3
Docs have always been on my all-time wishlist but I didn't have the money and/or the opportunity to buy them. Now I am completely sure that I want this pair with victorian flowers although this may change in the near future (the dark red ones are very nice, too) I am just so in love with the floral pattern at the moment :)

As for the casio gold watch: I've never seen a watch before where I thought "I want this now"- not until I saw this one on Nanna's blog Nannasays /please take a look at her blog, she's beyond amazing!).

I cannot wait until christmas! <3

and here are some inspirational pictures:



Sweater - old / Studded shorts - Clockhouse / Studded heels - Tamaris / Antlers necklace - Pieces / Ring - Pieces

I wore this outfit a couple of days ago and you can guess by the sweater that the weather wasn't as summery as it should be. I love this sweater which I got from my aunt, she knitted it herself many years ago but I really like the cut and the stripes!
Oh, and I already know what I want for christmas! It may be a long time until december, but my wishes won't change, unless I buy them myself in the meantime.
If you are curious what they are, just wait for my next post! ;)
have a nice evening!