a big part of my all-time wishlist are creepers. I've wanted a pair as long as i can remember (slightly exaggerated) as well as a pair of docs (they deserve their own post!)but never got the change to really buy them.
a reason is, it may sound stupid and i normally don't think like this, that i really don't know whether they might be too "grungy" for me. sure, you can combine them with something more girly and there are different colours besides black but i fear that other's looks might make me insecure...
i think I'll have to move to London, then this problem would be solved. ;)

aside from this and the rather expensive price i have to say that creepers are simply amazing and sooner or later I'll own a pair :)

P.S.: do you see the pastel- lavender ones? they have the perfect colour... I think i've fallen in love <3


My necklaces

antlers necklace - pieces / peace + stone necklace - gift / elephant necklace - bijou brigitte / dreamcatcher - H&M / pearls - SIX /  random black pendant - H&M / random pendant - gift / owl necklace - Forever 21 / birdcage - New Yorker / pearls - ? / statement necklace - H&M

good evening!
i didn't have the time to post anything the last two days because I did the heptathlon. on the whole it was alright but the results weren't the best due to the downfall. I'm definitely glad it's over now :D

the photos show my necklaces, which i am very proud of. my favourite piece is the one with the antlers, i could wear it every day and to every outfit- it matches nearly everything!
although i guess it's a rather big collection, it isn't complete yet and will be extended in the future (for example by a crystal necklace like this one here or a claw necklace
have a nice week!



I love rings! Here's a glimpse of my favourite ones at the moment, I would buy all of them if I had enough money...
Most of the rings above are from the lovely onlineshop DIXI which offers the best jewellery I've seen so far!(the others are from H&M, Forever 21, Ebay and Topshop)

Have a nice weekend! <3



Summer Sale at Urban Outfitters

Today is the start of the "Urban Outfitters" summer sale! too bad i don't have a store near me and no money to buy all the lovely pieces I'm lusting for at the moment. I really hope they have a few of them in store when i get to london beause then I'll have enough money to afford some items (after 3 weeks of hard holiday job...)
Here are my favourites:

Evil Twin Sheer Top (50€ 85€)

Sparkle & Fade lace back Top (19€ 46€)

Deena & Ozzy Wedges (50€ 89€)

Vintage Re-Made lilac shorts (19€ 46€)

Necklace with triangles (25€ 53€)

Spike Bracelet (11€ 24€)

Double Shield Ring (10€ 21€)

The second top with the shorts and triangle necklace would look amazing together! :)


New in! :)

lilac top - H&M (6.95€)

statement necklace - H&M (7.95€)

Here's what i bought yesterday! I'm so happy with both pieces because I've had my eyes on a topshop pastel-lavender top for ages but didn't get the chance to order it (and now I've found a similar one) and I've seen this statement necklace on several blogs before. as i went on my weekly trip to h&m, i really couldn't resist :D


Wishlist No. 1

necklace-pieces/ bracelet-forever21/ doc martens/ blouse-topshop/ creepers-linzi/ watch-casio

My 1st wishlist from "Fashiolista" .
As you can see, I'm totally into this whole studs-and-spikes thing and the colours black and burgundy and I'm definitely buying a few pieces of these. Another big part of my all-time-wishlist are rings! They are missing in this post because I'll do a seperate on them.


Nail In My Coffin

This is my latest look on lookbook! nothing special but i hope you like it :)

My first post :)

Hello and welcome to my blog!
After such a long time, always thinking about whether I should start blogging or not, I am finally part of the blogging-world!
I hope my posts will inpsire you but my biggest wish is to improve my own style, through the inspiration I get of all the existing fashion-blogs.

I would be very greatful if you could show me some love with nice comments etc or/ and if you could hype my looks on lookbook :) hopfully, my photography skills will improve and I won't look to clumsy ;)