I need: Led Zeppelin Tee

Led Zeppelin is one of my favourite bands, their music is the best and the guitar solos are pure awesomeness- this is of course the reason why I want a band t-shirt of them (plus, it looks totally amazing!).
side note: I completely disapprove when someone is wearing a band-tee without even listening, or worse- knowing of the band and their music!

Urban Outfitters has this lovely one at the moment which I have had my eyes on for several weeks now:
Led Zeppelin T-Shirt - Urban Outfitters (42€)
isn't it perfect? :) I wish you a lovely afternoon, here is a selection of lookbook looks including Led Zeppelin <3

Nicola Boraston
Masha Sedgwick

Nicola Boraston

Kayleigh Brewer
You should definitely take a look at Kayleigh's looks! Her style is perfect as well as her outfits and she is very pretty (as you can see above) so go and fan her please <3


I want.

Here are my wishes which I've mentioned in the previous post. <3
Docs have always been on my all-time wishlist but I didn't have the money and/or the opportunity to buy them. Now I am completely sure that I want this pair with victorian flowers although this may change in the near future (the dark red ones are very nice, too) I am just so in love with the floral pattern at the moment :)

As for the casio gold watch: I've never seen a watch before where I thought "I want this now"- not until I saw this one on Nanna's blog Nannasays /please take a look at her blog, she's beyond amazing!).

I cannot wait until christmas! <3

and here are some inspirational pictures:



Sweater - old / Studded shorts - Clockhouse / Studded heels - Tamaris / Antlers necklace - Pieces / Ring - Pieces

I wore this outfit a couple of days ago and you can guess by the sweater that the weather wasn't as summery as it should be. I love this sweater which I got from my aunt, she knitted it herself many years ago but I really like the cut and the stripes!
Oh, and I already know what I want for christmas! It may be a long time until december, but my wishes won't change, unless I buy them myself in the meantime.
If you are curious what they are, just wait for my next post! ;)
have a nice evening!




This week has been very exhausting.
I've worked every day and now I'm totally tired although I'm sitting most of the time, putting coins in covers- very exciting...
But now it's friday and I finally managed to post something

Here are some of the amazing pieces of the onlineshop DIXI. They have a variety of clothes, shoes, acessoires and jewellery as well as vintage items, I've definitely fallen in love with this shop <3