One More Cup Of Coffee

Polka Dot Crop Top - TOPSHOP // Shorts - Primark // Shoes - Vans // Spike Necklace - H&M  // Watch - Casio // Spike  Bracelet - Primark

Quite a simple look today and the first time I'm really wearing a crop top without a second top underneath as I feel rather uncomfortable showing my belly to everyone... but I guess this is how crop tops are worn these days. I added my spike necklace to make this look a bit more "grungy" :)

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Topshop Cut Out Buckle Boots

One thing I'm absolutely in love with at the moment are Cut Out Buckle Boots!
So many fashion bloggers own a pair and every time i see someone wearing them I realize that I definitely need a pair, too. They look so great in combination with light dresses or skirts and you can wear them all year :)
My favourite pair definitely has to be number 5 because I'm so in love with the studded detail, it's just perfect!!

What do you think about this type of shoe?

Have a nice weekend! xxx


Dazed And Confused

Studded Peplum Top - Mango // Denim Skater Skirt - TOPSHOP // Watch - Casio // Cherry Red Dr Martens // Rings - Bijou Brigitte; H&M

Decided to leave out my tights today as it's gotten a little bit warmer but as you can see, I'm still wearing my Docs (I'll also wear them when it's really hot). I'm wearing outfits like this nearly every day, either a skater skirts or high waisted shorts because they're so pretty and comfortable!

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New in: Canterbury

Denim Skirt - TOPSHOP
Polka Dot Crop Top - Topshop
Spike Necklaces - H&M

On my day trip to Canterbury last week I really couldn't resist to buy all these lovely items in topshop! The good thing about this is that my parents bought me all these as a late present for my birthday ;) lucky me :D
As for the spike necklaces, I've been wearing the one in the close-up shot nearly everyday since I got it, so glad they both came in a set and were such a bargain! (6.99 for both!)
And I got myself another casio watch, this time in silver because the other one is gold, I can't get enough of Casio's amazing range of watches!


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