My 2nd Pair Of Docs!

I'm back with verrrry good news! I just ordered my second pair of Docs for christmas, the most amazing shoes I've ever seen. Originally, I couldn't decide on whether to buy a black or a floral pair but as I saw these, I immediately had to buy them as they are both black and floral! :D
I'm totally in love!


Winter Wishlist

1) Cross Print Sweater - Forever 21
2) Parka - H&M
3) Vagabond "Grace" - Urban Outfitters
4) Floral Docs - Zalando
5) Chunky Geo Necklace - Urban Outfitters
6) Chevron Sweater - Forever 21

I'm lusting after so many things at the moment but unfortunately I'm still a student and don't really have enough money to fulfill all my dreams. (but christmas is yet to come...)

Jacky xxx