Hello, my name is Jacky and I'm an 19 year old student living in Germany.
When I'm not studying or doing track and field, I enjoy reading fashion blogs and getting inspiration through other lovely bloggers as well as posting fashion and style related posts myself.
I appreciate every little comment you leave on my blog!

For any questions or requests please contact:  londoncoffee3@googlemail.com

I am extremely to accept press samples and products to review as long as they fit my style, therefore everything will be reviewed truthfully. As of March 2013, items that have been sent, gifted or asked by companies for will be marked with either a c/o or an asterisk (*)

If you would like to advertise on londonandcoffee.blogspot.com, please e-mail me for details!
Enjoy my blog! xxx


  1. Hi - just wanted to say that I really love your logo and the sketched coffee cup on the sidebar. Did you draw them?

    1. Aww, thanks so much! Yes, I've drawn them :)

  2. Hey really like your blog, how do you add an about me section, that when you click on it, it takes you to another page like yours?